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Cases involving Children

Cases involving children are often one of the most difficult areas of family law and one where skill is required to resolve issues with the minimum of conflict. This requires experience and sensitivity on the part of your adviser.

We look at the whole picture with you and act in a way that reduces animosity and builds a stable platform for your child to flourish. Avoiding wherever possible, the negative effects of your relationship breakdown. We deal with :

Child Abduction – reuniting parents with children who have been removed as well as representing the parent

Relocation – Internal Relocation i.e. when one parent is planning to relocate a child within the courts’ jurisdiction of England and Wales

International relocation i.e. when one parent is intending to relocate a child outside of the courts jurisdiction

We can advise and represent you whether you are the parent wanting to relocate your family or the parent hoping to prevent the relocation.

Residence – with whom a child should live

Shared care – trying to divide the child’s time between both parents

Contact – how much time the child spends with the absent partner

Parental Responsibility – the right to decide and be consulted on important aspects of a child’s life

Prohibited Steps Orders – orders preventing one parent from doing something

Specific Issue Orders – orders governing a particular area of concern such as where a child should go to school or what medical treatment should be given

Special Guardianship – Order of the court granting rights to a non-parent and authorising them to care for a child without severing legal ties with the birth family

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