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Financial Divorce Settlements

Whatever the value of assets involved, our policy is always to promote settlement following voluntary disclosure and negotiations where possible and to our clients advantage.

We have experienced mediators or can act on a collaborative basis when required.

With over 20 years experience of court proceedings we will represent you thoughtfully but robustly and diligently.

The court has a wide discretion to redistribute income and assets on marriage breakdown, making it difficult to predict precisely the award a court would order.

To reduce costs and conflict it is vital that the issues are narrowed as much as possible to engender a constructive approach is adopted and that a compromise is sought.

We do not shy from giving honest advice and we will keep you fully appraised of the costs of the proceedings and at all times keep in mind the costs compared to the benefits. Our aim is always to provide a cost-effective service.

Local Legal Support When You Need It

Our team consists of solicitors and partners who have practiced for more than 20 years.

We will attempt to match you with the solicitor best equipped to deal with your case and on an affordable fee structure.

If the costs of funding your claims are an issue we can arrange for you to meet specialist Bankers completely independent and separate from us to see if they will help to fund your case.

We very much work as a team, sharing knowledge and expertise. We have also developed close relationships with other related professionals such as accountants, actuaries and IFAs who can give invaluable specialist advice on related matters such as tax implications and pension sharing.

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